Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has successfully used the turnaround strategy with two historically struggling schools, Sherman and Harvard elementary schools. The turnaround approach has brought about an entirely new culture and climate to schools, with higher expectations for academic performance.  These schools are managed for CPS by the Academy of Urban School Leadership (AUSL). Now AUSL and the CPS Office of School Turnaround are partnering to replicate that success in two high-poverty neighborhoods. Turning around two chronically underperforming elementary schools and one high school in each neighborhood, CPS seeks to ensure that these preK-12 children are surrounded with opportunities to succeed.

Teach Chicago Turnarounds calls on Chicago’s most talented educators to put their skills and experience to use for students who need great teachers most. Teach Chicago Turnarounds is a recruitment initiative that matches high-caliber teachers to positions in six historically low-performing schools. In the turnaround model, the school has a new team; every position in the school is opened up to be newly staffed with teachers specifically selected to work as a team to meet the turnaround challenge. Turnaround teachers will collaborate on the improvement of schools that have long struggled to offer students more than the bare minimum. Starting over with new leaders, new faculty and a new vision, the Turnaround Schools offer accomplished veteran teachers and passionate novices an opportunity to take the next steps in their careers while giving students the opportunity to succeed.

Knowing that every teacher brings a unique skill set to the classroom, Teach Chicago Turnarounds aims to facilitate strong matches between teachers and schools. Talented teachers are needed in all grade levels and subject areas, particularly in math, science, special education and bilingual education. Following a smooth and efficient hiring process, all Turnaround teachers will receive a regular Chicago Public Schools salary and benefits, a greater voice in shaping the culture of the school, a range of professional development options, and the opportunity to be part of a dynamic instructional team. Help reverse a history of failure:

Change schools. Change lives. Teach Chicago Turnarounds.

The turnaround model for public education reform has gained national attention and support as a potential approach to improve performance rapidly in underperforming schools in high-poverty neighborhoods. For more detailed information on the turnaround model and the growing national movement, see research by The Mass Insight Education & Research Institute.